Code Review Dashboard

Use the Code Review Dashboard to review student work, answer questions, and access your Fast Grade queue.

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Free Feature

The Code Review Dashboard is where you can review your students' work, answer questions, and grade using Fast Grade.

To get to the Code Review Dashboard, click Grading > Code Review in the left-hand menu:

Code Review available under Grading in left hand nav bar

Student Help Questions

When students submit questions through their Code Editor, you'll see them in your Student Help Questions queue. Click any question, then click Help to leave feedback. You can grade student work using Grade Mode.

Image showing student help questions

Fast Grade Queue

Pro Feature

Click Fast Grade to open your Fast Grade queue and grade student work.

Fast Grade button from Code Review Dashboard

Applying filters to the Fast Grader

In Fast Grade mode, you can filter by Course, Section, assignment name, or assignment status.

To filter by Courses or Sections:

  1. Filters and Ordering > Filter by > Sections

  2. Select any Course or Section that you’d like to fast grade.  

  3. Don’t forget to click 'Apply filters and order’ to apply the changes!

Select the bold Course title to add the Sections in the Course to the fast grade queue. You can also select the Section title to individually add Specific sections to the Fast Grade queue.

Removing Filters from the Fast Grader

You can remove filters from the Fast Grader in a few different ways.

Clicking the red ‘Clear All Filters’ button deselects all of the filters that were previously selected.

Clicking on the Section(s) title will remove all of the assignments from the fast grade queue.

Alternatively, clicking on the Course title will remove the corresponding Sections’ assignments from the fast grade queue. Don’t forget to click ‘Apply Filters and Ordering' when you’re done with your selection!

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