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Creating Courses To Use With Your Sections
Creating Courses To Use With Your Sections

See how content is organized into Courses and Sections, and how to manage Courses for use with multiple Sections or over multiple years

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Courses vs. Sections

What's the difference between a Course and a Section?

  • A Course is the curriculum that your students work through. Courses can contain CodeHS Assignments from the catalog and/or custom Assignments.

  • A Section is a roster of students. Student work, grades, and progress data are kept within a Section.

  • Multiple Sections can use the same Course for content, and you can re-use a Course over multiple years.

Using the Courses Page to Manage Content

The best place to manage Course content is from the Courses App. Making changes to a Course will update the content for each Section that uses that Course.

Any Courses that were added while Creating a New Section will also show on your Courses Page. Navigate here by clicking Courses in the left-hand navigation panel:

Annotated screenshot demonstrating where to find the Courses App link from the lefthand navigation menu

Creating a New Course

  1. Click the Add Course tab along the top nav.

  2. Enter a new Course name.

  3. Select Choose Course Template to use the CodeHS Course Catalog. This will populate content from a specific CodeHS course. You'll be able to add, edit, or remove content after creation. Check out all of the new CodeHS Courses here.

  4. Alternatively, select Create Empty Course to create a Course from scratch. From here, you can create a course using your own custom assignments, CodeHS curriculum, or a mix of both.

Course creation menu with three different tabs: Name, Course, and Create

You can also create a course directly from the Course Catalog page. Click Add to Courses on any CodeHS course to create a new Course on your Courses Page.

Arrow pointing to the Add to Courses button in the Course Catalog

Creating a Section From the Courses Page

Once your Course is set up, you can easily create multiple Sections which use the same Course. You'll need to create a Section, then enroll students in the section in order for students to work through the content.

  1. Click Create Section

  2. Enter a name for your section and click Create:

Annotated screenshot demonstrating how to create new Sections from the Courses app

You can also quickly create a section from your Sections App if your course is already created or if you would like to use a course from the CodeHS Catalog.

Copying, Reusing, and Sharing Courses

If you've made a lot of changes to a Course or its settings, you may want to use it for next year or share it with another teacher to use. You can copy a Course by clicking the three dots and choose Copy Course:

clicking on three dots next to course name brings up options menu, including copy

This will make a duplicate of their course with all of the same settings and assignments. Once a course is copied, you can share it with another teacher by adding them as a co-teacher. See more about these topics:

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