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Sharing Course Content with Other Teachers
Sharing Course Content with Other Teachers

Share modules, assignments, and custom-designed courses with other teachers and co-teachers.

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There are a few ways to share courses and assignments with other teachers. Whether you're looking to build a joint course with another teacher or wanting to share custom assignments, your Courses Page is the best place to start.

Sharing an Entire Course

You can add a co-teacher to a Course, giving them the ability to use, copy, and edit course content.

This Video Demo covers:

  • Adding a co-teacher to a Course

  • Setting permissions for a co-teacher

  • Making a copy of a Course for another teacher

Adding a Co-teacher to your Course

Adding a co-teacher to a Course allows another teacher to use, edit, and/or share the content in that course. This is ideal for sharing curriculum between two different teacher's classrooms.

👉For teachers who are teaching the same class of students, it's recommended that a co-teacher be added to the Section, not the Course.

How to Invite a Teacher to Collaborate on a Course:

  1. Go to your Courses page

  2. Click the gear icon to access Course Settings

  3. Scroll down, add the teacher's email, and press Submit

  4. Change the teacher's access level under permission

Animated .gif showing how to open the Courses page, access Course Settings, and invite another teacher to collaborate.

Find more information about adding co-teachers to Courses and Sections in Adding a Co-teacher To Your Section or Your Course.

Sharing Modules, Lessons, and Assignments

There are a couple of ways to share assignments between teachers. Any co-teacher of a Course can copy and/or use the content in the shared course. Assignments can also be shared through Playlists on the Create page.

This Video Demo covers:

  • Copying Modules and Assignments from one Course to another

  • Sharing a module from your Course with another teacher

  • Using a Playlist on your Create Page to share assignments

To Copy a Module from a Course

From the Assignments Page:

  1. Click the three dots next to the activity

  2. Click Assign to Another Course

  3. Select one of your pre-existing Courses

Image showing Assign to Another Course option by clicking the three dots next to the lesson, module, or assignment.

To Share a Playlist

  1. Navigate to your Create Page

  2. Click the three dots next to the Playlist and click Copy Link

  3. Any CodeHS teacher can use the link to view and use the contents of this playlist

See Creating a Playlist to learn more about Playlists.

Sharing Sandbox Programs

Teachers’ Sandbox programs are automatically available to be shared with students, other CodeHS users, or anyone with the link. For more information on the sharing and embedding options available for Sandbox programs, see Sharing Sandbox Programs.

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