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Adding a Co-teacher To Your Section or Course
Adding a Co-teacher To Your Section or Course

Collaborate with a co-teacher, assistant, or student teacher by giving them access to your Section or Course

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Sections on CodeHS can be co-taught by multiple teachers. Co-teachers will have the ability to view and grade student work. They will also have administrative privileges over the Section. You can also collaborate on a course with other teachers using Teacher Permissions. Sharing a course gives teachers the ability to view, edit, or use your course assignments for their own sections, but will not give them access to student work in your Section.

To learn more about the difference between Courses and Sections, check out this article: Creating Courses and Sections

πŸ’‘ If you have a Pro Starter License, your sections may have a teacher limit. See Plan Information for more detail and reach out to your Customer Success Manager or if you have any questions.

Add a Co-teacher to Your Section

Note: If your Section is linked with Google Classroom, Clever, Canvas or another LMS, co-teachers should be added through the LMS.

1. Navigate to Section Settings

  • From the Sections App, click on the Settings tab.

    Sections page image with an arrow indicating where to find section settings tab.

  • You can also get here by clicking the "..." icon and choosing Edit Section from your Sections App:

clicking three dots to right of section name brings up navigation - click Edit Section

2. Under Roster Management, click the + to expand How teachers can join this section:

Choose Invite Now to invite teacher by email. You can also share the join link and join code with the co-teacher to join on their own.

Image illustrating how teachers can join a section via an invite through email or using the section code to join.\


GIF demonstrating how to add a co-teacher to a section via email.

Delete a Pending Co-teacher Invite

Invitations that haven't been accepted yet are marked as pending. Under the invited teacher's name in your Roster App, you'll see who invited the Co-Teacher. Click the red trash icon to delete a pending co-teacher invitation.

Accepting a Co-teacher Invitation

Teachers will receive an email prompting them to accept the invitation. Click the blue Accept Invitation button to join the section as a Co-Teacher. Teachers who have not yet created a CodeHS account, will be prompted to do so before accepting the invitation.

Image illustrating the the invitation a teacher receives via email to become co-teacher to a section

Co-teacher Signup Instructions

Your co-teacher can also sign up by:

  1. Creating a teacher account at

  2. Visiting and entering your section's code

Image illustrating the steps for a co-teacher to signup by creating an account and joining the section via a code

Removing a Co-teacher

Our team is happy to help remove co-teachers from your sections. If you would like to remove a co-teacher, please contact

Share your Course with Other Teachers with Teacher Permissions

You can give other teachers access to your course to view, edit, and use in their own sections. This will grant access to course curricular content, but not to student work in your section.

Invite a teacher to collaborate on a course:

  1. Go to your Courses App.

  2. Click the gear icon to access Course Settings.

  3. Scroll down to the Teacher Permissions section, add the teacher's email, and press Submit.

  4. Change the teachers access level under Permission.

Permissions Options:

  • View: Allow teachers to use assignments in their section

  • Edit: Allow teachers to view and use course as well as add/remove, edit, and reorder assignments

  • Admin: Allow View and Edit privileges and permission to add/remove collaborators

Co-creating and Editing Shared Assignments

Co-teachers with edit permission can edit custom assignments in their shared courses. From the Assignments App, click edit and make sure to save after making any changes.

You can view information about the assignment in the About tab including the assignment's owner and when it was last edited.

Image illustrating the About tab and showing the information for a created assignment such as assignment type, details, author, when it was created, and the last time it was updated.

Still have questions? Contact our team at to learn more!

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