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CodeHS Integrates with your LMS!

With CodeHS Pro, school districts can seamlessly integrate CodeHS into their Learning Management System (LMS). Current LMS which are supported:

  • Google Classroom

  • Clever

  • ClassLink

  • Kimono

  • Canvas

  • Blackboard

  • Schoology

  • Brightspace by D2L

Screenshot of LMS CodeHS integrates with such as:  Schoology, Google Classroom, Canvas, Blackboard, Clever, Brightspace by D2L logos

Features Available through LMS Integrations

  • Rostering - Manage your class rosters: Quickly import teacher accounts, student accounts, sections and enrollments into CodeHS.

  • Single Sign On (SSO) - Sign into CodeHS from your district’s educational platform with one click.

  • Grade Passback - Streamline your grading workflow by sending grades from CodeHS to your district’s gradebook or external platform.

  • Course Import - Download custom CodeHS courses into your district's platform and immediately assign activities and lessons to your students.

Integrations Breakdown

Integration options vary based on the external LMS and LTI capabilities and features. Here’s a breakdown of CodeHS integrations across platforms:

Chart of integrations available on CodeHS and what features are available with each integration

Google Classroom and Clever Integration

Learn more about connecting your CodeHS section to your Google Classroom or Clever account. Syncing your roster to Google Classroom or Clever is also available to all Free Teacher Accounts!

LTI Integrations are only available for CodeHS Pro district customers. To get LTI integrations for your district, contact your dedicated CodeHS account manager or our team at

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