The CodeHS Sandbox includes a few simple tools to help you organize your programs.

Click on the '...' to the far right in the program list to modify a program:

Arrow points to dots on right side of screen to access drop down menu

Options Include:

  • Rename: Rename the Sandbox Program [Note: this will change the url and the share link to the program. You can create a new share link if needed.]

  • Copy: Make a duplicate of the program inside your own Sandbox

  • Move to Folder (More information on Organizing the Sandbox with folders)

  • Delete

  • Add to Playlist (Teachers only - More information on Assigning Sandbox Programs)

You can also change the name of your CodeHS Sandbox program when working on it inside the code editor.

  • Click the pencil icon next to the name of the program in the upper left-hand side of the code editor

  • Type in a new name and click Update

animated .gif showing the flow of clicking the pencil and entering a new name for the program
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