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Rename, Copy, and Move Sandbox Programs
Rename, Copy, and Move Sandbox Programs

Organize and Edit Programs inside the Sandbox

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The CodeHS Sandbox includes a few simple tools to help you organize your programs.

Click on the '...' to the far right in the program list to modify a program:

Arrow points to dots on right side of screen to access drop down menu

Options Include:

  • Rename: Rename the Sandbox Program [Note: this will change the url and the share link to the program. You can create a new share link if needed.]

  • Copy: Make a duplicate of the program inside your own Sandbox

  • Move to Folder (More information on Organizing the Sandbox with folders)

  • Delete

  • Add to Playlist (Teachers only - More information on Assigning Sandbox Programs)

You can also change the name of your CodeHS Sandbox program when working on it inside the code editor.

  • Click the pencil icon next to the name of the program in the upper left-hand side of the code editor

  • Type in a new name and click Update

animated .gif showing the flow of clicking the pencil and entering a new name for the program

Retrieving Deleted Programs

To retrieve deleted programs, navigate to your Account Settings from the dropdown menu in the upper left corner.

Open the Code History tab and then open the Sandbox Trash. Lastly, click the ... next to the program and click Restore.

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