The CodeHS Sandbox is a place where you can write programs outside of the bounds of an exercise. In the Sandbox, you can start a program starting from scratch in any of our programming languages and create anything that you can imagine. 

To access the Sandbox click on the "Sandbox" link in the top left corner of any page.


Once there, students can click on Create Program to design their very own program in any one of the CS languages in CodeHS courses, as well as other languages such as Elm, C, and C++.

Students can also create and edit their very own website, which is hosted by CodeHS, by clicking on Edit My Homepage. Every student can access and share their personalized web page by going to their username followed by .

Teachers can use the Sandbox to assign individual projects, midterms, and end of year assignments, or as a way to encourage students to work on their coding skills outside the classroom. You can also view all your students’ Sandbox problems by clicking on View Class Sandbox, allowing you to add student work to Playlists, or to showcase for other students!

To learn more about adding Sandbox projects to a Playlist, check out this article:


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