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With Real-Time Collaboration, students and teachers can use the CodeHS Sandbox IDE to work together on the same coding activity live and in real time!

Animated .gif showing Collaborate feature in action

Start a Collaboration Session

To start a real-time collaboration session:

  1. Go to the Sandbox program you'd like to collaborate on

  2. Click Share, then choose Collaborate

  3. Copy the link and send to to anyone who you'd like to collaborate with

  4. Remember to save as you work!

Animated .gif showing how to Share and click the Collaborate tab to begin a session

When a collaborator opens the link, they'll be able to code with you on your program:

Screenshot highlighting the logged in user icons and different chunks of code by collaborators

Note: Only the host is able to create, rename, or delete files. The host can only rename or delete files that are not being edited by another collaborator.

Forking a Program

If you'd like to make a copy of a program to work on in your own Sandbox, click Fork:

Screenshot highlighting the Fork button

This will create a. new copy of the program in your own Sandbox where you can continue to edit. These edits will not transfer to the original program.

Collaboration Chat (Beta)

Teachers can enable Collaborate Chat for their students to chat with each other while collaborating in the Sandbox.

Check out this article for more info: Collaboration Chat

Collaboration Troubleshooting

Students unable to email or send links to each other

If students aren't able to directly email or otherwise send links to each other, you can use this sheet to collect and distribute program links - feel free to make a copy for use with your class!

Project owner has stopped collaborating

Only the project owner can save changes to the program, and no changes can be saved if the owner of the program is not working on it.

If the owner of the program closes their CodeHS window or logs out, their icon will disappear and anyone else working on the project will see this message:

Screenshot highlighting the banner students will see when the session has ended and their work will no longer be saved

Once the program is closed by the owner the shared link to collaborate will no longer be active. The owner will need to create a new collaboration link to start a new session. Alternately, other users can Fork the program to create a copy of the program in their own Sandbox.

Video Demo

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