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Assignment Collaboration
Assignment Collaboration

Collaborate and work on assignments with your students in CodeHS with Assignment Collaboration

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With Assignment Collaboration, teachers can collaborate in real-time with their students to work together on the same coding assignment live and asynchronously!

Note: This feature is currently a Beta feature. To get added to our Beta group and test out the Assignment Collaboration feature, you can reach out to

Enabling Assignment Collaboration for your Course

Note: ensure your course supports collaboration. More info below.

To enable Assignment Collaboration for your course, navigate to your Courses page > select the gear icon > toggle the switch for Assignment Collaboration

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Collaborating with your Students

A teacher can launch any of their student's assignments and begin to collaborate in real-time!

Tip: The Real-Time Dashboard is a great spot to launch a student's assignment from!

Assignment Collaboration Demo

Collaborating in the Sandbox

With Real-Time Collaboration, students and teachers can use the CodeHS Sandbox IDE to work together on the same coding activity live and asynchronously! Learn more about Real-Time Collaboration.

Collaboration Limitations

Collaboration is not available in block coding programs such as Music (Blockly).

The following program types are also limited to synchronous collaboration:

  • Processing

  • React Native

  • Bit Interpreter

  • SQL

  • Python 2

Assignment Collaboration is available as part of CodeHS Pro. To get CodeHS Pro for your school, contact our team at

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