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CodeHS Elementary: Add, Remove, and Switch Students within Your Sections
CodeHS Elementary: Add, Remove, and Switch Students within Your Sections

How to manage students enrolled in your Elementary Sections.

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Elementary teachers can manage their rosters by adding, removing, and switching students. It's also possible to use a CSV file to import multiple students at once.

Adding Students to Your Section

There are multiple ways you can add students to a Section:

  • One at a time by Name (first and last) and Email

  • Adding a list of students by Name and Email

  • Using a CSV file to import multiple students

Providing student emails is optional for elementary student accounts (the email field is not required).

Add Students by Name

  • From the Section Roster Page > Click Add Students

  • Enter the student's First and Last Name (Email is optional)

  • Click Add Student

gif demonstrating how to add students to a section.

Add Multiple Students in a List

  • Use the text field to enter multiple student names at once

  • Enter one student per line formatted as: [Full Name], [Email] (email is optional)

Add Students Using a CSV File

  • Click Choose File > then Upload a CSV file with the student names and emails.

  • Click Upload Students to finish adding the students to your Section

pointing out the upload csv file portion of menu
  • The CSV file should have two columns: Name (First and Last) and Email (optional).

  • See an example CSV spreadsheet here. You can copy this example roster, add your students, and click File> Download > Comma Separated Values (.csv) to create your own roster.

sample table showing names and emails

Removing Students from Your Section

  • From the Section Roster page, Click the person icon with an X to remove a student.

arrow points to remove student icon

Switching Students Between Your Sections

  • Click the gear icon to go to section settings

  • Scroll to the Roster Management section

  • Click '...' > Switch Section and choose another Section in your account

gif demonstrating how to switch students between sections.

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