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CodeHS Elementary: ScratchJr Interface Guide
CodeHS Elementary: ScratchJr Interface Guide

Check out these comprehensive guides to effortlessly navigate ScratchJr!

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Level up your ScratchJr skills with our handy Interface and Paint Editor Guides! These guides are packed with helpful information to help you make the most of the editing tools in ScratchJr.

Interface Guide

This guide provides step-by-step instructions on navigating ScratchJr's intuitive interface, blocks, and characters.

Check out a printable version of the ScratchJr Interface Guide in English or Spanish.

Image is of the Paint Editor in ScratchJr. Each element is numbered.
  1. Save: Save the current project and exit to the Home page.

  2. Stage: This is where the action takes place in the project. To delete a character, press and hold it.

  3. Presentation Mode: Expand the stage to the full screen

  4. Grid: Toggle on (and off) the x-y coordinate grid

  5. Change Background: Select or create a background image for the stage

  6. Add Text: Write titles and labels on the stage.

  7. Reset Characters: Reset all characters to their starting positions on the stage. (Drag characters to set up new starting positions.)

  8. Green Flag: Start all programming scripts that begin with a "Start on Green Flag" block by tapping here.

  9. Pages: Select among the pages in your project -- or tap the plus sign to add a new page. Each page has its own set of characters and a background. To delete a page, press and hold it. To reorder pages, drag them to new positions.

  10. Project Information: Change the title of the project and see when the project was created.

  11. Undo and Redo: If you make a mistake, tap Undo to go back in time, reversing the last action. Tap Redo to reverse the last Undo.

  12. Programming Script: Snap blocks together to make a programming script, telling the character what to do. Tap anywhere on a script to make it run. To delete a block or script, drag it outside the programming area. To copy a block or script from one character to another, drag it onto the character's thumbnail.

  13. Programming Area: This is where you connect programming blocks to create scripts

  14. Blocks Palette: This is the menu of programming blocks. Drag a block into the programming area, then tap on it to see what it does.

  15. Block Categories: This is where you can select a category of programming blocks: Triggering Blocks (Yellow), Motion (Blue), Looks (Purple), Sounds (Green), Control (Orange), End Blocks (Red).

  16. Characters: Select among the characters in your project -- or tap the plus sign to add a new one. Once a character is selected, you can edit its scripts, tap its name to rename it, or tap the paintbrush to edit its image. To delete a character, press and hold it. To copy a character to another page, drag it to the page thumbnail.

Paint Editor Guide

Learn how to use the Paint Editor to create amazing backgrounds and characters in ScratchJr.

You can view a printable version of the Paint Editor Guide in English or Spanish.

  1. Undo: Reverses the most recent change.

  2. Redo: Reverses the most recent Undo.

  3. Shape: Choose a shape to draw: line, circle/ellipse, rectangle, or triangle

  4. Character: Name Edit the name of the character.

  5. Cut: After selecting the Cut tool, you can tap a character or shape to remove it from the canvas.

  6. Duplicate: After selecting the Duplicate tool, you can tap a character or shape to create a copy of it

  7. Rotate: After selecting the Rotate tool, you can rotate a character or shape around its center.

  8. Drag: After selecting the Drag tool, you can drag a character or shape on the canvas. If you tap on a shape, you can then edit the shape by dragging the dots that appear.

  9. Save: Save changes and leave the paint editor.

  10. Fill: After selecting the Fill tool, you can tap any section of a character or shape to fill it with the currently selected color.

  11. Camera: After selecting the Camera tool, you can tap any section of a character or shape, and then tap the camera button to fill the section with a new photo taken with the camera.

  12. Color: Select a new color to use for drawing and filling in shapes.

  13. Line Width: Change the width of the lines in the shapes you are drawing.

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