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Choosing a CodeHS Course to Teach

This article will provide information for teachers to make the best decision on what course and programming language to teach.

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One of the most common questions that Computer Science teachers ask is what course or language to teach. We have collected some information in this article to help you make the best decision both for you and your students while considering difficulty, programming language, and other important aspects.

Choosing a Course Based on Difficulty

When looking into courses and topics to teach, it is often important to ask yourself about the appropriate level of difficulty or complexity of each major topic in the course.

Are you looking to give your students exposure to a variety of topics in Computer Science?

  • If so, you may want to consider our Computing Ideas course! With a unique focus on creativity, problem-solving, and project-based learning, Computing Ideas gives students the opportunity to explore several important topics of computing using their own ideas and creativity and develop an interest in computer science that will foster further endeavors in the field.

Are you teaching an introductory Computer Science course?

  • CodeHS offers many great Introduction to Computer Science courses. Check out all of them here!

Will you need block coding enabled for students?

  • Block coding can be enabled in several courses. To learn more about block coding, check out our article here and course offerings where blocks are enabled here.

Do students need advanced topics?

Choosing a Course Based on Programming Language

It can also be helpful to consider the programming languages that students will learn in relation to other classes in their course sequence or to an application outside of the classroom.


JavaScript is a popular program for building the front-end side of websites and applications. It's a professional programming language that is very versatile. This knowledge can lead to Web Design and Web Development courses, and prepare students for AP CS A. Check out our JavaScript courses here.


Python is a popular programming language for building the backend of websites. It's also great for data analysis and running scripts. Python is a more popular and more common first language in higher ed compared to JavaScript. This knowledge can prepare students for AP CS A, in addition to Data Science and Artificial Intelligence courses. Check out our Python courses here.


C++ is a popular compiled programming language. It can be used in many web browsers, operating systems, web applications, and games. It can also be used for large-scale development projects for financial or government institutions. Check out our C++ courses here.


Java is a popular programming language that is the language you learn in the AP Computer Science A class. It's also the language you use to build Android apps and many devices in the Internet of Things (IoT). It is also used in financial websites and trading platforms. Check out our Java courses here.

Other Topics in Computer Science

Do you want to focus on programming or other topics like Cybersecurity or Web Development?

Are you looking for physical computing, virtual reality, or materials on creating mobile apps?

  • Check out our knowledge base about this here!

Are you looking for interdisciplinary courses?

  • Check out our interdisciplinary offerings here!

Do you need supplementary material?

  • Our Hour of Code page provides one-hour lessons on a variety of topics. Teachers can utilize these as a way to mix up a course and provide students with exposure to other coding languages and topics. “Hour of Code Fridays” are an example of an end-of-week reward that students can look forward to.

  • Also, check out our awesome project catalog and tutorials with tons of fun ideas for you and your students!

Choosing a course based on Certifications, Pathways, and Standards

There are also more considerations that come into play when choosing a course such as certifications, scope and sequence, and state or national standards.

Are you looking for students to take a certification exam at the end of the course?

  • CodeHS offers 7 industry-relevant programming certifications for high school students. These certifications are a stepping stone for students’ career aspirations and help build programming skill credibility. Read more in our article here!

Are you looking for a full Computer Science Pathway?

  • It can also be helpful to think of the scope and sequence of Computer Science courses that students will experience. CodeHS offers full pathways for Computer Science in grades K-12!

Do you need specific courses aligned with state or national standards?

  • CodeHS also offers state courses directly aligned with state standards. Check out to see what is available for your state here!

  • Check out all standard alignments here.

More Information

All CodeHS courses can be viewed through the Course Catalog. For more information, please check out our webinar on choosing the right course to teach here.

Still have questions? Contact our team at to learn more!

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