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CodeHS Elementary: Adding and Assigning Lessons or Courses to Your Elementary Section
CodeHS Elementary: Adding and Assigning Lessons or Courses to Your Elementary Section

How to assign lessons to your existing Elementary Sections.

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Elementary students can interact with the CodeHS Playground and elementary courses by being enrolled in a Section. A Course is a sequence of lessons assigned to a specific group of students, also known as a Section.

Assigning from the Sections Page

  1. From your Elementary Sections Page, click + Create New Section.

  2. Choose a name for your Section or Import a Section from Google Classroom.

  3. Use the dropdown menu to choose a course to assign work to your section. Select Choose Later to add content to the Section at a later time.

.gif of naming a Section and Selecting a Course to Create a new elementary Section.

Viewing lessons that are assigned to your students

  1. Click on Sections, located on the left navigation bar

  2. Create a new Section (and assign a Course) or select a previously created Section from the list of your Active Sections.

  3. When the Section opens, click the Lessons tab which is located in the middle of the page

  4. From here, you will be able to see the Lessons that are currently assigned to your students.

image is a .gif of the Lessons tab within a Course

Adding Lessons to Your Course

  1. Select Sections from the left navigation menu

  2. Click into your Section > Click the Lessons tab

    image shows an arrow pointing to the Lessons tab
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page, until you see a blue + Add Lesson button > Click Add Lesson

    Image of an arrow pointing to the Add Lesson button
  4. Search for a lesson to add to your Section. You can search for a lesson with the text box or by utilizing the drop-down list to filter lessons by grade level.

  5. Simply click on the lesson you want to add to your Section.

  6. Once the lesson has been successfully added to your Section, it will appear grayed out. You will also see a green banner on the upper right corner of the page that lets you know when the Lesson has been added to your Section.

gif of clicking the Add Lesson button, applying a filter to see only Second Grade Lessons, and then selecting a name for the Lesson.

You can explore the different Elementary Course content available on CodeHS by clicking on Courses, located on the left navigation bar.

Assignments Visibility

This tool allows you to choose which Lessons you want your students to have access to and which Lessons you wish to keep hidden. By default, only the first lesson is available to students when a Section is created. Clicking the checkmark icon will remove the Lesson and selecting the eye icon will add the Lesson to your Section.

.gif of utilizing the visibility toggle on the Lessons tab

Once the lesson is hidden from your students, it will turn gray and the checkmark icon will become an icon of an eye with a line through it, letting you know that it is no longer visible to your students.

Adding Lessons to Your Favorites

Your favorite lessons are saved to a special section of your left navigation bar. You can add lessons to your favorites by clicking on the heart that is located to the right of the lesson title in the Elementary Portal.

gif shows multiple Lessons being favorited and then, the Favorite Lessons tab of the Left nav bar is selected to show all of the favorited lessons.

When you finish making your selections, you can access your favorite lessons by clicking Favorite Lessons on the left nav bar.

.gif of favoriting lessons then navigating to the Favorite Lessons tab to view all of the favorited Lessons.

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