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Creating, Archiving, and Assigning a Playlist
Creating, Archiving, and Assigning a Playlist

Create a Playlist with custom activities for your students

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Creating a Playlist:

To Create a Playlist:

  1. Navigate to your Create page found in your Navigation Panel or in your Toolbox.

  2. Click the Playlists tab at the top.

  3. Name your Playlist and click the green Create button to create a new playlist

  4. Make a new activity by typing the name of the item on the left-hand side and hitting Enter

  5. Select the activity type and click on the Create Activity button

View, Add, and Edit Assignments in your Playlist

  • From the Create page, click the Playlists tab.

  • Click on the name of the Playlist you want to edit.

  • Click Add New activity button in the top left to add a new assignment to the playlist.

  • Click the ... icon to edit, remove, or adjust the order of assignments.

Animated .gif showing how to view, add, and edit assignments in Playlist

You can also assign the entire playlist to a course or section by clicking Assign Playlist in the top right. Click the ... icon next to an assignment to assign only that specific assignment.

Archiving a Playlist

To Archive a Playlist:

  1. Navigate to your Create Dashboard

  2. Click the three dots next to any playlist and choose Archive

➡️ Archiving is permanent, please make sure you are completely done with a Playlist and no longer want it before archiving.

Screenshot highlighting the Playlists section of the Create Dashboard. Click the ... on the right and click Archive to remove the playlist

Assigning a Playlist

After you create a playlist, you can assign it by following these steps:

  1. Go to your Create page and click the Playlists tab.

  2. Click the “...” next to the Playlist you'd like to assign.

  3. Configure the Playlist settings and click the blue Assign button.

Animated .gif showing how to assign a playlist

Assigning from the Playlist Bank

Here's how you can assign any Playlist from the CodeHS Playlist Bank to your sections:

  1. Click the Toolbox tab at the top and select Playlist Bank under the Create heading.

  2. Scroll or search for a Playlist.

  3. Click the blue Assign button.

  4. Select the course and section(s) where the Playlist will be assigned.

  5. Adjust any configuration settings as needed.

  6. Click Assign.

Animated .gif demonstrating how to assign a Playlist

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