The Progress Tracker gives an overview of students' progress in all of your sections, including coding activities, assignments and quizzes. You can use these tools to get a birds-eye view of student progress or zoom in on modules, lessons, and more!

Viewing Student Progress

There are two ways to access the Progress Tracker:

  • Select Progress along the side navigation bar OR

  • Go to the Toolbox at top of any page. Under the Progress header, select which type of progress you'd like to view.

Understanding the Progress Tracker

Click Assignment Progress at the top of the page to view progress by:

  • Assignment

  • Lesson

  • Module

  • Quiz Scores

  • Time Tracking

Student Progress is shown with different colored bubbles for each activity:

Using the Grading Key

The grading key is a simple way to gauge your students submissions and grading status for assignments:

  • Finalized / Teal: the student’s grade for the assignment has been graded and finalized

  • Submitted After Review / Dark Magenta: the student resubmitted the assignment after it was reviewed by the teacher

  • Reviewed / Pink: the student's assignment has been submitted, reviewed by the teacher, but isn't fully correct and was sent back to the student with the status message Needs Work

  • Submitted / Green:  the assignment was successfully submitted and either passed the test cases (if Autograded) or is ready for review by the teacher

  • Not Submitted / Yellow: the assignment was opened or started but not submitted

  • Unopened / Grey: students have not opened this assignment.

Changing Course and Filtering by Module

  • To toggle to a different section in the Progress Tracker, click on the dropdown at the top of the page and select a different section.

  • To view assignment progress by module, select a module from the dropdown menu in the upper-right corner.

Time Tracking

The Time Tracking tool displays how long students have spent on an assignment. Time tracking shows completed assignments, assignments in progress, and unopened assignments.

To access Time Tracking:

  • Click progress in the left-hand menu

  • Selecting Time Tracking in the top navigation

How is time calculated?

As soon as the code editor loads, time tracking begins for students. The tracker records every increment of 5 seconds that the student is active. Students become idle after 30 seconds of not moving their mouse or typing.

Lesson Tracking

The Lesson Tracking tool shows you lesson progress by status or percentage. To view lesson progress by percentage complete click on Percent. To view lesson progress by status click on Status.

Progress Tracking is available as part of CodeHS Pro. To get CodeHS Pro for your school, contact our team at

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