Click Create New Section in the top right corner of your Teacher Page:

Click Green Create New Section button in top right corner

To create a new section, you have two options:

Creating a new CodeHS Section

First, give your section a name:

Enter a name for your section as a first step.

Then, choose the course from CodeHS Courses or Your Courses that you want to enroll your new section in.

  • CodeHS Courses are official CodeHS courses with default settings. When you choose an official course, a new course will be built for your section using our recommended assignments and settings. With CodeHS Pro, you can edit assignments and settings after the section is created.

  • Your Courses are courses built for sections you've previously created. If you'd like to reuse assignments and configurations for your new section, choose one of these courses.

You can filter for courses designed for middle or high school students, Hour of Code courses, or other courses and content:

Choose between your own courses and CodeHS pre-made courses

After selecting the main course, it's time to add students to your section!

Your Class Code:

Each section on CodeHS has it's own unique class code. Class codes can be used for students to enroll in your class. You can find your class code in a couple of different places. 

  1. From your Teacher Page you can find each class code next to your section name

Class code is in blue letters to the far right of your section name

2. In your section you will see the class code at the top of the page

Class Code is also on the roster page in the title row

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