Inviting Students to Join your Section

  1. From your Teacher Page, click on the section that you want students to join
  2. Click the + dropdown next to How students can join this section

Here you'll find two ways that students can join your section: 

  • Click Invite Now to send your students an email link to your section OR
  • A URL that students can visit to sign up for your section
click on your section name and click the Invite Now button to email a link to your studnets

After using the signup link, students will be prompted to sign in or create an account on CodeHS. Your class code will enroll students in your section when they create an account.

Students must enter the class code in the prompt box when joining
students are asked basic information and the join code to a section when first creating an account

Inviting Students to Join Additional Sections

If students are already enrolled in a section but need to join another, they can go to and enter the join code for their new section:

Students see another prompt box asking for a join code if they already have an account and are joining additional sections

Switching a Student to a Different Section

  1. Navigate to your class Roster Page
  2. Click on the "..." dropdown to the right of the student's name
  3. Click the Switch Sections button to select a new section for the student
On the roster page, click the three dots to see a pop up menu with the option to switch or remove students

Removing a Student from a Section

  1. Navigate to your roster page
  2.  Clicking the "..." to the right of the student's name
  3. Click the Remove From Section button to remove the student
additional prompt appears when selecting remove student to confirm the action

If You Remove or Switch the Wrong Student

If you accidentally remove a student from one of your sections, students can go to and enter your class code to rejoin your class.

If they accidentally joined or were switched into the wrong section, students can go to and enter your class code to switch into your class.

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