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Syncing Your Roster and Adding Students to Your Section With Google Classroom
Syncing Your Roster and Adding Students to Your Section With Google Classroom
Update and sync your Section's roster with Google Classroom and help students log into their account with their Google Credentials
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Creating a CodeHS Section linked to your Google Classroom:

  1. Click Create a New Section > Import from Google Classroom

  2. From the drop-down menu, select the Google Classroom you want to import

  3. Select a course:

    • Choose an existing course to reuse assignments and configurations for your new Google Classroom section.

    • Select a course from the CodeHS Course Catalog to use the latest version of a course.

    • Use the filters in the Course Catalog to help find the course you're looking for.

  4. The section and students' CodeHS accounts will automatically be created and synced with Google Classroom.

When clicking Import from Google Classroom for the first time, you may need to sign in with your Google account to grant CodeHS permission to access your Google Classroom.

Note: Sections can not be retroactively synced with Google Classroom. If you would like to add Google Classroom to a current CodeHS section, you can create a new section.

Animated gif showing how to create a section with Google Classroom

Adding & Removing Students from Your Roster on CodeHS

Sections created with Google Classroom don't have a Class Code. To add or remove students, you can make changes to the roster on Google Classroom and then sync your roster with CodeHS.

To sync your roster with Google Classroom:

  1. Navigate to your Sections page

  2. Click the "..." next to the Google Classroom section

  3. Sync with Google Classroom

Screenshot of Section Settings with Sync with Google Classroom highlighted

Logging In Students

Students should log in with their Google accounts when their Section is synced with Google Classroom.

If you imported your section from Google Classroom, students do not need to create CodeHS accounts. Syncing your roster will automatically create an account for the students who are enrolled in your Google Classroom section.

To Login with Google

  1. Navigate to > Login

  2. Click Log in with Google

  3. Enter your Google login credentials associated with Google Classroom

Note: If you have back-to-back class periods with shared computers, students may need to log out of a different student's account.

Animated gif showing how to login with Google

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