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Assigning Work to Google Classroom through CodeHS
Assigning Work to Google Classroom through CodeHS

If you have Google Classroom connected to your Section, you can assign from CodeHS onto Google Classroom.

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You can easily assign modules, lessons and activities to Sections connected to Google Classroom.ย 

Assign Work on Google Classroom:

To assign work to students, open the Google Classroom Assigner by clicking on Course Settings > Google Classroom and then click the Google Classroom icon to assign the module, lesson or activity.

arrow points to google classroom option from drop down menu in nav bar

Once an assignment has been assigned to Google Classroom the icon will disappear and you will see the message 'You just shared this Assignment to Google Classroom'. After refreshing the page, you will see an icon to view the assignment on Google Classroom, and an option to delete the assignment.

Note: If you intend to enable Grade Passback, you will need to assign each individual assignment to students. For example, you would expand the module and lesson and assign each activity individually: 1.1.1, 1.1.2, 1.1.3, and so on.

Delete Assignments from Google Classroom:

To delete an assignment from Google Classroom, press delete next to the assignment name, and confirm that you want to delete the assignment. Deleting an assignment from Google Classroom is permanent. While you can reassign the assignment, any grades or data associated with the old assignment will be deleted.

On the Google Classroom assignments page via Course Settings, there is a list of assignments that can be deleted by clicking "Delete" all the way to the right of an assignment.

Due Dates and Scheduling Assignments:
With Due Dates and Access Controls, you can create assignments with due dates and schedule when they will be posted to Google Classroom! When an assignment has a due date, the Google Classroom assignment will have that same due date. When an assignment is scheduled, the assignment will be posted to Google Classroom at the scheduled time.

You can also share Assignments to Google Classroom directly from the Due Dates and Access Controls page.

If assignments have a due date or a scheduled time, the dates and times will be displayed when you confirm that you want to assign to Google Classroom.

sample pop up confirmation prompt

Google Classroom Assigner, Due Date Settings, and Access Controls are only available on CodeHS Pro. To get Pro for your school, contact our team at

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