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Information on marking Tracy's location, changing Tracy's movement, changing Tracy's display, and other helpful tricks.

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We have created some programs with examples of how to mark and display Tracy's location, change Tracy's movement, and other helpful tricks to try in our Python Tracy editor. All teachers and students can fork a copy of the programs to try out the code!

If you would like to add this into existing assignments, you can create a custom assignment! You can also fork the program to your sandbox and assign it to your class from there.

Displaying Tracy's Location

You can display a grid world for Tracy to help scaffold lessons for students.

Displaying Tracy on a Grid

Tracy in a grid world

The code to enable grid functionality for Tracy can be found here.

A video demonstrating how to use this with your students can be found below:

Displaying Tracy's Coordinates

We can also display Tracy's coordinates in the console:

Gif showing Tracy's coordinates

The code to implement this can be found here.

Multi-Turtle Functionality

What's better than one Tracy turtle? Two!

Here is a sample code to implement multi-turtle functionality.

Gif showing multiple turtles

Here is a sample code to implement multiple independent turtles.

Gif showing multiple independent turtles

Changing how Tracy Displays on Screen

If you would like to hide Tracy while drawing you can use the hide_turtle() function. A sample problem can be found here.

Gif showing hide_turtle()

Are turtles not your jam? You can change Tracy's shape using the code here.

Gif showing Tracy as different shapes

If you would like Tracy to randomly change colors, you can check out the code here.

Gif showing Tracy changing colors

Using rgb with Tracy

Tracy can accept rgb color inputs with the following:


Using setheading() with Tracy

The setheading() function can set Tracy's absolute rotation. You can check out an example in this sandbox problem. A second example can be found here.

If you would like to display Tracy's current heading, check out the sandbox problem here.

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