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CodeHS Elementary: Accessing the Elementary Portal
CodeHS Elementary: Accessing the Elementary Portal

Navigate to the Elementary Portal with a few clicks

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In addition to our middle and high school curriculum, CodeHS provides customizable, vertically-aligned elementary lessons to unify a K-12 computer science pathway. If you think you should have access to the CodeHS Elementary Curriculum, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

Navigating to the Elementary Portal

To access the Elementary Portal, go to the teacher dashboard on the left side of your page > Click the drop-down bar to toggle between Teacher/Student/Elementary > Select Elementary:

image of the CodeHS teacher dashboard and the expanded drop down menu.

Filter and Search Lessons by Category

  1. Keyword - Search all lessons by title or description

  2. Standard - See listings of lessons that adhere to different state or national standards

  3. Subject - Search our catalog for interdisciplinary lessons in Science, Social Studies, and more

  4. Tool - Find lessons that use a specific application or product like Scratch or micro:bit

image shows how to filter and seach for lessons by four specific categories: Keyword, standard, subject, and tool.

Opening, Viewing, and Copying Lesson Plans and Slides

  • Click on a Lesson to go to its Resources Page

  • Included on this page:

    • Ready-to-Go Lesson Slides (includes embedded lesson videos)

    • Detailed Lesson Plan (PDF)

    • Lesson Slides in English and Spanish (without embedded videos)

    • List of standards covered

  • Make a copy of the lesson slides in your own Google Drive by scrolling down and clicking Copy Slides

Animated gif demonstrating how to copy slides for a CodeHS elementary lesson

Using the Playground

The CodeHS Playground is a place where students can complete activities that are assigned by a teacher or create their own open ended projects. As a teacher, you can create projects, view and complete course assignments, and view student Playgrounds.

Select Playground from the left navigation bar to open your Playground. From here, you will be able to see the different project folders for each of your Sections as well as a thumbnail photo for any Scratch or ScratchJr program you’ve worked on.

See Using the CodeHS Playground to learn more!

image of the My Playground home page

For Teachers Using District Content

If your district has specific lessons, you'll see the option to access District Lessons in the side navigation. Click here to find this custom content:

image shows an arrow pointing to a highlighted 'District Lessons' portion of the Left Navigation bar.

For Teachers Exclusively Using Elementary Content

If you exclusively use CodeHS for Elementary curriculum you will automatically see the Elementary Portal when logging into CodeHS. To return to the teacher dashboard when viewing lessons, click the CodeHS icon in the top left corner of the screen.

image shows an arrow pointing to the codeHS logo. Clicking the logo will bring you back to the elementary teacher dashboard

CodeHS Elementary Curriculum is included with an Elementary License. If you believe you should have access to the Elementary Portal, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager, or send an email to

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