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Using Stopify in the Code Editor
Using Stopify in the Code Editor

Learn how to use Stopify in your Javascript programs

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What is Stopify?

Stopify is an extension for JavaScript (Console) programs that allows the CodeHS IDE to execute programs with infinite loops and improves the Javascript Interactive Prompt.

Running Code that Contains Infinite Loops

The Stopify tool helps prevent the browser from crashing while executing infinite loops. See Debugging Infinite Loops to learn more about fixing Infinite Loops.

Improving the Interactive Prompt

Stopify moves the interactive prompt from a pop-up window to inline, allowing you to easily view the interaction.

Interactive Prompts using the Default environment:

Interactive Prompts using Stopify:

Enabling Stopify in Your Code Editor

To enable Stopify in your Code Editor:

  1. Click the gear icon to access the Editor Settings

  2. Under Other> Code Running Environment, choose Stopify

Make Stopify Your Default Code Running Environment:

You can make Stopify your default code running environment where available!

  • From your Sandbox page, choose IDE Settings and toggle on the Stopify setting.

  • From your Account Settings, open the IDE tab, and turn on the Use Stopify by default option.

Stopify Limitations

Some JavaScript features are not available when using Stopify and are only available in the default code running environment. These include:

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