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Using Monaco in the Code Editor
Using Monaco in the Code Editor

Enable and use the Monaco editor engine in the CodeHS IDE

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Monaco is an editor engine that can be used to power the CodeHS IDE. Monaco allows you to use different keyboard shortcuts to autocomplete or format lines of code! By default, the CodeHS IDE uses the Ace editor engine. You can enable Monaco inside any code editor or you can choose your default editor in your Account Settings.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Use the Command Palette to see the keyboard shortcuts available in Monaco. To access the palette, press Command+Shift+P on Mac and press Control+Shift+P on a PC. See Keyboard Shortcuts to view the shortcuts available in the Ace editor engine.


While typing, Monaco will provide suggestion like built in functions, defined functions, and defined variables.

Adjusting Your Editor Settings

You are able to change which engine the IDE runs in the editor settings. To access these settings, click the gear icon in the upper left corner of any editor.

Adjusting Default Editor Settings

To adjust your editor settings in your Account Settings:

  1. Click the drop down menu in the upper right corner near your name and choose Account Settings

  2. Open the IDE tab

  3. Scroll to the Default Editor Engine setting and choose the default editor you would like to use.

To adjust the editor settings for your section:

By default, students can change which engine their editor uses. Alternatively, you can choose the engine that your students will use.

  1. On your Teacher Page, click the three dots next to the section and choose Edit Section. This will take you to the Section Settings page.

  2. On Section Settings, scroll down to Default Editor Engine.

  3. Choose the engine you would like students to use.

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