The CodeHS Web Courses may ask students to use the developer tools or the inspector that comes with most browsers. If your students are having an issue finding the inspector, it may be that the network administrator has blocked access to this tool.

On most browsers students can right-click on a web page and select Inspect. If this isn't available, the developer tools may be blocked.

Do students need the inspector tool to finish the Course?

No. However, students may need to skip over that section of the course which asks them to utilize the inspector tool.

The developer tools are included in the course so that students are aware of them and to give students more practice with concepts. Students will not need to use the inspector to complete the rest of the course or learn future concepts in the course.

Alternative Options

  • Try Switching to a different browser to see if tools are available in that application.

  • Use the CodeHS inspector tool, which will allow students to get a feel for how this tool works inside the Sandbox environment.

    • Check out the Simulated Inspector Tool in the CodeHS Sandbox here.

    • View a quick tutorial on how this program works:

Using the Console with CodeHS Support

Click Here if you need support with using the console when troubleshooting an issue with the CodeHS Support team.

Still have questions? Contact our team at to learn more!

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