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Reviewing and Sharing Student Work with Your Class
Reviewing and Sharing Student Work with Your Class

Debrief Student Exemplars, Common Mistakes, and Share Assignments with your Class

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Use this Guide to:

  • Show your class student work as exemplars, or work that needs feedback

  • Navigate between student work with the same assignment

  • Have students share completed programs (excluding their code) with each other

Sharing Student Work with Your Class

A quick way to review student work with your whole is to click directly into an assignment from a student's assignment page. This is best if:

  • You are projecting your screen for your whole class

  • You are using virtual screen sharing or sharing through an online resource

Here, you can run and check the student's program and examine interesting solutions or errors that you want to highlight.

gif shows navigating to assignment page, clicking on assignment option, running program

You can also make changes in the code editor and test new solutions. You are free to experiment in this view as any changes you make won't be saved to the student's code inside their account.

(Tip: Quickly undo any changes and revert back to a student's original code by hitting refresh on your browser or going to the More > History tab.)

Navigating Between Student Work Samples within an Assignment

Once you're viewing an assignment, you can quickly switch to other student work within that section. Click on the blue student name to show a dropdown menu of available students.

arrow points to student name on top of assignment view, dropdown menu shows student names

Student to Student Sharing

Students can create a shareable link for their CodeHS assignments. This link will only allow others to Run their program while their code will remain hidden. This is a quick way for students to share finished projects with each other, either through email or pasting their links into a shared document (such as a google doc).

  • Click the More > Share tab on the far right of the editor

Screenshot showing More > Share to share programs
  • Click Create Share Link to generate a Share url

Screenshot of the Share link that generates with a Facebook, Twitter, and Public setting

(Tip: students need to select Public when sharing, otherwise only the student and their teacher will be able to view the program.)

More Information about Sharing CodeHS Programs.

Using the CodeHS Sandbox allows more sharing options, including the ability to share code. Read more about Sharing Sandbox Programs.

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