Whenever you write a program on CodeHS, you can create a shareable link for that program to send to other people so they can Run your program.

When you view any program from its editor page, you can access the Share Tab from the “More” dropdown on the far right: 

Screenshot showing More > Share to share programs

You can then click the “Create Share Link” button, and right away, you will have a link to send to others for them to run your program: 

Screenshot of the Share link that generates with a Facebook, Twitter, and Public setting

If anyone goes to that Share URL, they will see a shared program page that looks something like this:

Screenshot of the Run view of a shared program

An option on the Share Tab is whether the share link is “Public.” If you set to Public then anyone this this link will be able to view the program, otherwise only the student and their teacher will be able to view the program.

Sharing a CodeHS Sandbox Program

Using the CodeHS Sandbox or IDE allows more sharing options, including the ability to share the code. Read more about sharing programs through sandbox here.

Still have questions? Contact our team at hello@codehs.com to learn more!

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