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Learn how to take a CodeHS Certification Exam

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Steps to Access the CodeHS Certification Exam

  • Log into your CodeHS account

  • Go to or click certifications along the left hand navigation bar on your CodeHS student page.

  • Choose the exam, enter the voucher code provided by your teacher, and click Unlock Exam

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  • Click Start Exam

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  • Before starting, you will be prompted to review the exam instructions, and type in your first and last name to sign the CodeHS Honor Code

Image showing Honor Code Agreement: "I, [your name], promise to abide by the exam rules and not to cheat on this exam"
  • Once you sign the Honor Code and click Start, the 90 minute timer will begin

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Exam Details

45 Multiple Choice Questions • 90 Minutes

Suggested Materials: Pencil, Paper, and Calculator

Exam Rules

  • You may not reference information on any external sites

  • You may not work with others

  • You may not copy questions and share them with others

  • You may not run code using other websites or programs

CodeHS reserves the right to question any exam score that may be the result of cheating. If you are found in violation of the exam rules, your certification scores will be cancelled and your teacher will be contacted.

Exam Directions

Work through the exam to the best of your abilities! Upon starting the exam, you will have 90 minutes to answer all of the questions. You will not be able to visit any other page on CodeHS until the allotted time expires or you submit the exam.

Still have questions? Ask your teacher to learn more!

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