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For Students: Accessing Certificates of Achievement for Certification Exams
For Students: Accessing Certificates of Achievement for Certification Exams

Best practices for downloading and saving certificates after you pass a Certification Exam

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Congratulations on passing one of the CodeHS Certifications! To make sure that you always have access to your Certification, we recommend that you download your certificate, and save the verification code and URL. Follow the steps below to find and save your Certification.

Steps to Access Your Certification

  1. Log into your CodeHS account.

  2. Go to or click Certifications along the left hand navigation bar on your CodeHS student page.

  3. Choose the Certification you would like to view.

  4. Print your Certification so that you can share your accomplishments with others. You can also use the Share URL provided. Copy the verification code to keep for your own records.

Image of a CodeHS Certificate with arrows showing where to find verification code, URL, and how to print or download file.

Print or Download your Certification

Print using the print button provided. If you do not have access to a printer, you can choose Print> Save as PDF to download the Certification. If you are saving a PDF, make sure you save it to a personal computer, so that you will always have access.

Verifying Your Certification

If you ever need your Certification verified, visit and enter your Certification's Verification Code. The code can be found in the lower right corner of your Certification.

Still have questions? Reach out to your teacher for more information!

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