CodeHS offers 5 industry-relevant programming certifications for high school students. These certifications are a stepping stone for students’ career aspirations and help build programming skill credibility.

Certifications Available

Why Offer Certifications at Your School

CodeHS Certifications provide verification that students have learned industry-relevant skills from our secure, comprehensive exam. By building skill credibility for students and future employers, certifications will also help showcase your school’s computer science program.

Student Certification Journey - How It Works

      Step 1: Complete a CodeHS course.

      Step 2: Practice for the exam.

      Step 3: Set an exam date with your teacher and enter the voucher code.
      [Learn more about the exam format here.]

      Step 4: Pass exam, tell the world!

Bringing Certification To Your School

Request a quote to learn how you can bring CodeHS Certifications to your school.

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