To create CodeHS sections using your Google Classroom:

When you hit “Create a New Section,” you’re  given the option to “Import from Google Classroom.” Note: When clicking this button for the first time you may need to sign in with your gmail to grant CodeHS permission to access your Google Classroom.

blue button below input box says Import from google classroom

Then, from the drop down menu, you simply choose the Google Classroom name that you want to import and select the corresponding CodeHS course to enroll your students in. Your CodeHS account, student accounts, and sections will automatically be created and synced with Google Classroom.

blue button is a drop down menu that allows choosing between classes

To update your Google Classroom roster on CodeHS:

If you ever make any updates to your roster on Google Classroom (i.e. adding new sections or students), you can simply click on the Sync with Google Classroom dropdown link next to your section to update your roster within CodeHS. To learn more, check out Troubleshooting: Syncing Google Classroom Roster

three dots to right of section name bring up menu with sync with google classroom

Here is a demo video to showcase the entire process:

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