CodeHS has mapped our curriculum to different state and common core standards. You can view some of these resources in your course's lesson plans as well. 

Lesson Plan example:


Many of our courses are aligned to the CSTA K-12 CS Framework.
Learn more about our alignment with the Framework for Intro to CS in Javascript here and Computing Ideas here.

College Board

The AP Computer Science A course syllabus has been pre-approved in the course audit for AP CS A. The syllabus ID for the audit is 1667173v1. Teachers can see instructions on how to use our syllabus in their own course audit at AP CSA Course Audit.

Our AP Computer Science Principles pre-approved syllabus ID is 1667172v1.  You can learn more about how to go through the AP Course Audit using our pre-approved syllabus at AP CSP Course Audit.

Texas TEKS

To see which TEKS are covered by each of our courses, check out our TEKS alignment document.

Florida Benchmarks

To see which Florida benchmarks are addressed in each of our courses, check out our Florida standards alignment document.

California UC A-G

All main courses offered in the CodeHS 6-12 pathway are University of California approved as C math or D lab sciences. Since our courses are pre-approved, it’s easy to select CodeHS as an online course provider and register your classes.

Teachers wishing to receive credit should visit this page. While UC no longer maintains a public directory of A-G approved courses, the CodeHS courses listed above are approved for UC A-G credit. This video shows how you can submit your online publisher course through the Teacher Portal:

If you are teaching under standards not mentioned in this article, please send an email to for more information.

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