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CodeHS Lesson plans are available for teachers on the CodeHS Pro Plan. Free teachers can access the first five lesson plans of a course as a sample.

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You can find classroom materials, activity ideas, handouts, and discussion questions inside each Lesson Plan that corresponds to a CodeHS course lesson. You can use, print, and modify these lesson plans to fit the needs of your students.

Navigating to CodeHS Lesson Plans

From the Toolbox:

  1. Select Toolbox from the top navbar

  2. Select “Lesson Plans” under Resources

arrow points to toolbox at top of page and highlights lesson plans under resources

This will bring you to an overview of Lesson Plans for your course. You can switch the course, switch sections, print lesson plans, or click on a lesson plan to navigate to the individual lesson plan.

arrows point to drop down menus labeled switch courses and switch sections on page titled Lesson Plans

From the Assignments Page:

  1. Expand each module

  2. Click the maroon Lesson Plan icon next to any lesson

Image showing maroon lesson plan icon with arrow

Lesson Plan Features:

Lesson Overview: Lesson description, objectives, and all the activities included in the lesson (videos, examples, quizzes, coding exercises, and more)

Solution References: Links to the solution references for all activities in the lesson

Problem Guides: an in-depth look at the solution reference along with the motivation, rationale, and common questions students ask about the activity

Vocabulary: Lists the terms and definitions of new vocabulary that will be introduced in the lesson

Handouts: Student and teacher-facing offline worksheets and handouts to supplement the lesson

Textbook Resources: If there is a CodeHS Textbook for the course, this section will link to the relevant lessons in the textbook

Teaching Strategies: planning notes, lesson openers, closers, and a detailed guide with time estimates for leading each in-class activity

Prior Knowledge: any prerequisite knowledge students should know before completing this lesson

Discussion Questions: Prompts for leading a reflective class discussion on computer science topics

Modifications: Suggested modifications for Advanced, Special Education, and English Language Learners

Explain This To Me: explanation videos created by the CodeHS team to walk through how to approach the coding exercise

Sample Lesson Plan:

gif scrolls down through page showing different resources

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Lesson Plans are a feature available on CodeHS Pro. To get Pro for your school, contact our team at


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