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Grading and Assessing with CodeHS Elementary
Grading and Assessing with CodeHS Elementary

Learn more about how you can use CodeHS Elementary if you will be assessing students for grades.

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If you're looking to see which students have opened up the lesson’s starter code (e.g., if you’re giving a participation grade), click on the Progress tab for your Section.

On this page, a green circle indicates that a student has accessed the lesson starter code:

To view all students’ work for a specific assignment, click on the assignment link at the top of the table while viewing the Progress tab. From there, you will see the assignment for all students on one page.

Screenshot demonstrating the Progress tab for a CodeHS Elementary section

Screenshot demonstrating all student work for a CodeHS Elementary assignment

Grading Rubric

If you're assigning specific grades for each assignment, you can use the rubric at the bottom of each lesson plan to assign a score based on the concrete measures provided.

Screenshot of a CodeHS Elementary lesson grading rubric

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