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Learn more about the CodeHS Artificial Intelligence Tools to provide faster support for students

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Code HS now offers a suite of AI tools to help you grade and provide personalized feedback faster. These AI grading tools give teachers more time to concentrate on instruction, differentiate learning, and track student progress.

Accessing your AI Tools

To access the AI Tools:

  1. Join the AI Hints beta by visiting AI Tools.

  2. Review the tool instructions and disclaimers and click Join Beta.

  3. Begin using the AI Hints! After joining the AI Hints beta group, you can join the waitlist to get early access to new and experimental AI Features as they become available!

Once you have access you can being using our AI Tools!

Getting to your AI Toolbox:

Click Toolbox in the top navigation panel and choose AI Toolbox. You can also visit:


From the Side-Nav, open the Grading category and select AI:

AI Settings

From the AI Settings, you can monitor your usage, opt out of any of the AI features, and set your default hint level using AI Settings.

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AI Configuration

You can choose your default AI Hint level:

  1. General Hint: Provide a reminder or general error that will point students in the right direction without giving them the answer.

  2. Identify Problem: Give more information about what exactly is wrong with the student’s code.

  3. Identify Problem and Offer Solution: Give specific details about the issue in the code and how to fix it. Might include code snippets of how the student can change their code.

AI Tool Usage

You can monitor your AI Tools usage from the AI Settings page. Your use of AI features is limited to 100,000 tokens each month. If you reach your token limit, you will not be able to use AI features until usage resets on the first of the month.

Image showing monthly AI Token usage

AI Hints

AI will look at student code, identify errors, and provide a hint for students. Teachers will review the hints before they are sent to students and teachers can choose how thorough of a hint they would like to give by choosing between multiple hint levels. Learn more about CodeHS AI Hints.

AI Feed

With the AI Feed can view all of the AI hints and grades you've generated as well as all of the AI autograder responses your students have made. You can also give feedback on any of the AI requests from this page.

Accessing All CodeHS AI Tools

CodeHS is building other AI tools including AI Grading. After joining the AI Hints beta group, you can join the waitlist to get early access to the new AI Features!

AI Tools are only available on CodeHS Pro. To get Pro for your school, contact our team at!

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