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Differentiating CodeHS Elementary Curriculum
Differentiating CodeHS Elementary Curriculum
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Here’s some tips on how to differentiate elementary curriculum if you have some struggling students:

  • Pair/partner programming: pair students with a partner who can help one another, or have students work together on one device.

  • Show Example Code on the class screen for students to reference if needed.

  • Pull a small group aside to do a lesson’s Independent Work together.

  • Provide the link to the full slide deck for students to review (they are viewable even without a Google account). Copy the link from the “Open Slides” button.

  • Use CodeHS Unplugged Coding Card Games for extra practice on Sequences, Loops, or Conditionals. (Search for “Coding Card Game” in “All Lessons”)

  • Select some Scratch Coding Cards to build skills for students who would benefit from simpler activities. (Coding cards found here)

  • Provide lesson slides for a previous/review lesson to a new student or a student who is joining the class later than others.

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