If you'd like to print any code you are working on it the CodeHS editor,  click More> Print on the right side. Then click the Print button to print your code.  A new page will open up, with nicely formatted code and a pop up a dialog to print it out. 

GIF shows using More>Print tab in code editor

When printing code on CodeHS, the printed page includes your name,  and the course and module that the program is from. In some situations, it is beneficial to remove personal information from the printed page. 

To remove your name from the printed code:

  1. In the code editor, click More> Print on the right side

  2. Close the print dialog

  3. Right click> Inspect 

  4. In the element tab in the console, press the triangle to the left of the the <body> tag to expand it

  5. Then right click on <div class=”header”>and delete the element

  6. Close the Inspect  page

  7. At the top of the page, in the toolbar,  click File>Print and print as normal

Gif shows using Inspect to remove name from printable version of code

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