While each of our PD courses varies depending on the course being taught and the concepts being covered, they all follow a similar format as you work through the online course. The PD courses cover the basics of the specific programming language, as well as the pedagogy of teaching computer science in a blended classroom, including a focus on learning and teaching debugging.

Course Format

Courses are broken down into short video tutorials, programming exercises, free response problems, grading exercises, debugging practice and other topics around leveraging CodeHS in a blended classroom. For an example of how our PD courses are broken down, see Teaching Introduction to Computer Science

Online and In-person

The online nature of the CodeHS PD courses allows you to take the course according to your own schedule, whether over the summer in preparation for the fall, or throughout the school year during professional development days or free time. The course does not expire, teachers will have access to course content at all times

CodeHS also offers in-person trainings for districts or charter networks looking to implement CodeHS across multiple school sites. We offer one or two day in-person PD workshops. To see whether in-person PD is right for your district, get in touch with a CodeHS team member at hello@codehs.com.

Ongoing Support

CodeHS has a PD Team of former teachers, as well as a network of computer science undergraduate tutors, ready to support you as you work through the PD course.

Teachers will have a dedicated member of the CodeHS PD Team providing one on one support, answering questions, and grading teacher submissions as teachers work through the course. This support continues into the school year.

Teachers will also have access to the CodeHS Teacher Forum as they work through the PD course as well as during the school year. The Teacher Forum is a great resource for learning from other CodeHS teachers, sharing best practices, and getting questions answered.

The PD courses offered are:

You can learn more about the CodeHS PD courses here. For pricing information or if you have additional questions, contact our team at hello@codehs.com to learn more.

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