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For Students: Viewing a Course in Spanish
For Students: Viewing a Course in Spanish

How to view your class in CodeHS in Spanish

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This article will help you view CodeHS in Spanish.

Language Settings

You can choose your preferred language (English or Spanish) in CodeHS.

  1. Navigate to Account Settings in the top right-hand corner

  2. Locate Preferred Language

  3. Change your language to English or Spanish

Gif showing account settings > preferred language > Spanish

That's it! Now any lessons that have been translated will appear in your preferred language! This includes quizzes, examples, exercises, and challenges.

Note: Your teacher can also select your preferred language for you.

Viewing Slides in Spanish

CodeHS videos have a corresponding slide deck with content translated into Spanish. To view the Spanish slides, you can use the following steps.

  1. Click on the video assignment

  2. Click Slides in the top navigation bar

  3. Navigate through the slides!

Gif showing slides menu from top middle navigation bar

Spanish Subtitles

CodeHS videos can also be watched with Spanish subtitles when viewed through Youtube.

To view Spanish subtitles, you can use the following steps.

  1. Click to play the video on Youtube

  2. Click CC for closed captioning

  3. Click the Gear icon > Subtitles> Auto-translate

  4. Chose your preferred language

  5. Play the video from the beginning with subtitles in your preferred language!

Gif showing closed captioning and changing language in gear icon > subtitles>auto translate

Still have questions? Ask your teacher!

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