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Teachers can integrate CodeHS with Clever at the teacher and district level

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This is a free Feature

CodeHS offers Clever LTI integration at the teacher level, which is a free feature, and at the school or district level, which is a pro feature.

Clever for Teachers (Free)

With our Clever LTI integration, you can seamlessly import your student roster and set up your free CodeHS class with the Clever teacher library. To learn more about the free Clever teacher integration, please check out our article about Syncing Your Clever Roster from the Clever Teacher Library.

This is a School or District Specific Feature

Clever for Districts (Pro)

For some schools, we can sync at the district level to set up all of the sections and accounts for a school or district. This is an extra feature that would be included in a contract. For this rostering integration, the district administrator simply needs to request to connect with CodeHS from the Clever App Store. Upon approval, there will be a nightly sync of information from Clever to CodeHS. CodeHS sections will be created for teachers, and students will be enrolled based on the Clever data that is shared with us by the district.

Clever for Districts Features

  • Teachers and students can log in to CodeHS through Clever.

  • CodeHS sections will be created for you, and students will be enrolled based on the data your district is sharing with us through Clever.

  • Clever for Districts will sync your roster nightly and automatically.

  • Depending on your district set up, you might already have courses attached to your sections; otherwise, you will need to choose a course.

Choosing a CodeHS Course

Pre Chosen Courses

If you see that a course is already connected to your section, that means courses have been chosen for you based on the standards at your grade level.

Image showing courses chosen in the middle of the screen

No Pre Chosen Courses

If your section says “No Course,” simply click that space and choose the course you’d like to teach.

Image showing "no course" in middle of the screen

Syncing your Clever Roster

District roster changes are synced nightly on CodeHS. You can sync changes via the roster page if you need to see changes reflected immediately.

Image showing sync with Clever button on roster page


In Clever for District integration, co-teachers will be automatically added when they are shared by the district during the nightly sync. If an account needs to be synced sooner, please sync your roster with Clever.

Student Access to CodeHS

Students should access CodeHS through the CodeHS app in their district’s Clever portal.

Image of Student Access to CodeHS through Clever Portal

If students have used CodeHS without integrating with Clever, a new account will be created for them. New and existing accounts can be merged. Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager for more information!

Clever for District integration is available as part of CodeHS Pro.

To get CodeHS Pro for your school, contact our team at

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