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CodeHS Language Preference Settings
CodeHS Language Preference Settings

Learn more about CodeHS translations and choosing your default language on CodeHS.

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With our language settings, students and teachers are able to view course content in Spanish or English. You can assign content to your Section and it will automatically be displayed to students in their preferred language!

Check out the Course Catalog to see which courses are available in Spanish!

Choose Your Preferred Language

In your Account Settings under the Profile Settings tab, set your preferred language using the drop-down menu. All available translated assignments and student-facing resources will default to the language that you've chosen.

Image showing language preference settings in the account settings page.

Choose the Preferred Language for Students in Your Section

You can configure language settings for each student in your Section. From a section's Roster page, click Manage Student Accounts; on the following page, use the dropdown on the right of each student's name to select a preferred language for course content:

If your student is viewing content in a different language than you, you will see a banner giving you the option to view the content in the same language as your student.

When viewing a student's assignment page:

When viewing a student's assignment:

Provide Translation Feedback

When viewing content on CodeHS, if a translation needs some improvement, please let us know! Students and teachers can share feedback by clicking the feedback star on any content. This feedback goes directly to our team and we will review and update the content as soon as possible!

Gif showing clicking the feedback star in top navigation bar to provide feedback on translated material

Still have questions? Contact our team at to learn more!

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