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Copy and Move Content Between Courses
Copy and Move Content Between Courses
Assigning activities, assessments, and custom content between courses
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Teachers now have the option to move activities, assessments, and customized content between courses. This will create a copy of the chosen activity while leaving the original unchanged.

To Assign Content to Another Course:

From your Assignments page, find an assignment, lesson, or module to copy. Click the three dots (1) next to the activity and then click Assign to Another Course (2).

Image showing Assign to Another Course option by clicking the three dots next to the lesson, module, or assignment.

In the next prompt, choose which course, module, and lesson to send the copy to.

(Note: If you are copying a module, the prompt will only ask for a designated course; if copying a lesson, the prompt will ask for a course and module.)

Image showing Assign to Other Course

See Adding a Co-Teacher to Your Course to learn more about sharing and co-editing a course with other teachers.

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