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Grading and Giving Feedback
Using the CodeHS Free Response Grading Tool
Using the CodeHS Free Response Grading Tool

Quickly and easily grade student responses and provide feedback on free response questions.

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The Free Response Grading Tool allows teachers to grade student responses to free response questions with a simple interface that makes grading quick and efficient.

Getting Started

To access the Free Response Grading Tool, login to your CodeHS account and go to a class section's Assignments page. Navigate to a Free Response Assignment you'd like to grade, then click on the purple Grading Icon. This will display all submissions for the assignment from that section.

Image shows an arrow pointing to the Grade Assignment for Section Icon on the assignments page.

Grading Responses

To assign a grade, simply enter a score in the box labeled Score to the right of a student's response (1). Optionally, you may also leave additional feedback in the Student Feedback box (2).

Once you have graded a response and left any desired feedback, click either the Needs Work to let the student know to review the assignment or click the Submit Grade button to finalize the student's score (3).

image shows the 3 steps for grading a student's response for a free response exercise

Note: Free responses can also be graded using Fast Grade and from the Code Editor.

The CodeHS Free Response Grading Tool is available as part of CodeHS Pro. To get CodeHS Pro for your school, contact our team at

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