Have you wondered how to highlight the amazing work your students have been creating this year? You can show off your students’ programs to administrators and parents through the Student Program Showcase page.

The Student Program Showcase allows you to save the top programs in your class and display them all on one page with a shareable link. 

Below you can see the CodeHS Team Showcase.

To view your Student Program Showcase, click into a Section and select the “More” tab at the top of the page. Then select “Student Program Showcase.” 

To save a student work to the Student Program Showcase, you must go to the program that you want to save in the Sandbox or from the curriculum. Click on the “More” tab at top-right of your screen and then select “Teacher.”

After you select “Teacher,” you should select “Save Program to Class.” When that is done you should take a screenshot of the program to create a thumbnail/icon for the student program. 

You can also go to your class showcase straight from this page.

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