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Discover how to access and print physical copies of Lesson Plans, Problem Guides, Slides and more

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In addition to accessing Lesson Plans, Problem Guides, Slides, and other resources on CodeHS, teachers also have the ability to print out or download these resources.

Lesson Plans and Problem Guides

Lesson Plans and Problem Guides may both be accessed either from the Resources page, or from the Assignments page by clicking ... > Lesson Plans or Problem Guides.

To print either resource, first navigate to its corresponding page, then click on the Print icon to the right of a Lesson or activity title. A print-friendly version will open in a new tab:

Steps to print Lesson Plans

Steps to print Problem Guides


From the Lesson Plans page, click on a lesson title. Scroll down to the section titled Video Slides and click on the Print Slides button.

A screen capture illustrating which button to click in order to print slides.

Printable resources are available as part of CodeHS Pro. To get CodeHS Pro for your

school, contact our team at

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