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The CodeHS Career Center is a curated list of resources that shows real world computer science connections and encourages students to explore different career pathways. With the Career Center, students can learn how computer science is used across careers, read about the experiences of industry professionals, and complete lessons tailored to their areas of interest.

Using the Career Center in Your Classroom

There are many ways to use the Career Center in your classroom. We recommend using the resources as supplemental curriculum, as a project resource, or to assist with recruitment for CS classes.

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Supplemental Curriculum

Each pathway offers Career Lessons that are a great supplemental resource to your CodeHS courses. You can assign the lessons to your students or allow students to explore and complete lessons on their own.

Project Resources

Students are able to view resources about different types of careers and can utilize each article or lesson for projects assigned to them.


The Career Center shows students some of the many pathways in the industry and allows them to visualize how computer science can relate to their future careers. Students can learn about different industry professionals' career journeys with the articles included in each pathway.

Accessing the Career Center

There are many ways to access the Career Center:

From the Teacher Toolbox

Teachers can access the Career Center from the Resources section in the Toolbox:

image showing career center selection from Resources tab of Teacher Toolbox

From the Resources Page

Teachers can access the Career Center from the Resources page in the left-side navbar:

Image showing selection of Career Center from Resouces page found in left side navigation bar

Using the Left-side Navigation Bar

Students can find a link to the Career Center in their left-side navbar under Resources:

Image showing selecting the career center from the left side navbar from a student view

Career Center Lessons

In addition to lessons related to specific career pathways, we offer a Career Explorations lesson that allows students to perform a self-assessment, explore a variety of career options, and determine the skills or education needed to obtain careers they want to pursue. View the Career Exploration lesson and learn how to access other lessons below:

Career Exploration Lesson Plan: Career Explorations (PDF)

Accessing Lessons Through the Career Center

As a teacher, once you expand an industry pathway, you have the ability to Get Started and work through a related CodeHS lesson, or you can Assign the lesson to your students.

Even logged out, anyone is able to Get Started and work through and related CodeHS lessons. Note: To save lesson progress, students must be logged in.

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