Intro to Javascript (Corgi) is an updated version of the Intro to Javascript (Golden) course. The updates to this course reflect changes in the JavaScript language and the feedback from many CodeHS teachers. While we recommend Intro to Javascript (Golden) as our primary Javascript course, we encourage interested teachers to use the Corgi pilot for the 2022–2023 school year!

Pilot Year

This course is a pilot for the 2022-2023 school year. You will be able to use this course with students and provide feedback to the Curriculum Team throughout the year. Please note that while no disruptive changes will be made during the school year, the content of this course will be revised as needed during the pilot phase.

Providing Feedback

Once you begin teaching the new Corgi course, you will have the opportunity to provide feedback on lessons and activities. You will see a feedback star, located on the title bar of any assignment, where you can submit your thoughts and ideas.

Updates to the Javascript Course

In addition to general updates such as improved lesson scaffolding, clearer assignments descriptions, and updated slides and videos, we've also made some essential content updates:

ES6 Updates

ECMAScript is the standard that defines how the JavaScript programming language works. In 2015, ECMAScript 6 (ES6), the second major revision of the language was released. Following ES6, we've introduced the let and const variables to our curriculum. While all of the ES6 updates work on CodeHS, we felt it was important to update the JavaScript activities to use these two new variables.

Checkout this Sandbox program to see the difference between let, const, and var!


Our current JavaScript lessons instruct students to use println(), a function that we included in our JavaScript teaching library, to print to the CodeHS console. In the Corgi course, we have replaced println() with JavaScript’s console.log(). Both have the same function, and both will work in CodeHS, but console.log() is consistent with printing outside of CodeHS.

Removing start() Function and Adding main() Function

Currently, we introduce the start() function in our Karel lessons and use it throughout JavaScript activities to encourage students to organize their code in functions. Since this function does not exist outside of CodeHS, we feel it is no longer necessary to include in our lessons.

In order to still encourage students to organize their code in discrete functions, we instruct them to create a main() function instead.

You can read about all of the updates in our blog post and view a detailed list of all the changes we’ve made to the course in our Pilot Changelog!

If you are interested in teaching with the new [Pilot] Introduction to Computer Science in JavaScript for the 2022–23? Explore the course here and start enrolling students today!

Still have questions? Contact our team at to learn more!

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