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The newest version of this course is available as Introduction to Javascript (Corgi). The older "legacy" version of the course is still available as Introduction to Javascript (Golden).

Read more about Intro to Computer Science in Javascript (Corgi) below!

Why Teach Introduction to Computer Science in JavaScript

Our Introduction to Computer Science Courses teach the foundations of computer science and basic programming, with an emphasis on helping students develop logical thinking and problem solving skills. Once students complete the CodeHS Introduction to Computer Science course, they will have learned material equivalent to a semester college introductory course in Computer Science and be able to program in JavaScript.

What’s Covered in Intro to JavaScript:

Intro to Javascipt (Corgi) Syllabus - Newest Version Intro to JS Course

Intro to Javascript (Collie) Syllabus - Shortened, semester-long version of the legacy course.

Students learn the fundamentals of programming with an emphasis on problem solving and logical thinking. Topics covered include: graphics, animation and games, data structures, and more.

Here is a breakdown of the important programming skills that students will develop concepts that they will learn about by working through the CodeHS curriculum:

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Prerequisites and Curriculum Pathway:


The Intro to Computer Science in JavaScript course is designed for complete beginners with no previous background in computer science. The course is highly visual, dynamic, and interactive making it engaging for new coders

Curriculum Pathway

Curriculum Pathway incorporating Intro to CS in JavaScript

Updates To The New (Corgi) Course From The Legacy (Golden) Course

  • Improved lesson scaffolding, clearer assignments descriptions, and updated slides and videos.

  • We've introduced the let and const variables to our curriculum to follow ECMAScript 6 (ES6) updates.

  • println() is replaced with console.log(). Both have the same function, and both will work in CodeHS, but console.log() is consistent with printing outside of CodeHS.

  • To encourage students to organize their code in discrete functions, we instruct them to create a main() function and call it. This replaces the start() function in the previous course.

  • Check out an interactive tutorial on the new Corgi Course here: Corgi Tutorial.

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