CodeHS Elementary: Getting Started with Teacher Accounts in Scratch

Create your teacher account, make classrooms, and add students

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Creating Your Scratch Teacher Account

  1. Visit the Scratch Registration page to begin.

  2. Log into your email to confirm your email address. Once the address has been confirmed, Scratch will review your account. It may take a few days to get account approval. If your account has not been approved after a week, please try again.

  3. After your teacher account has been approved you will receive a welcome email. You can then log in to Scratch!

See Scratch Teacher Account FAQs for more account support from Scratch.

Creating Classes

Creating classes allows you to manage groups of students, and create studios where you can share starter code and your students can add their projects.

To Create a Class:

  1. Select My Classes from the top navigation bar and click the + New Class button.

  2. Enter the class name and description.

  3. Click the Students tab to begin adding students.

Adding Students to a Class

Adding students to your class makes it easier to share a file link with students, and being logged in enables commenting for students.

Method 1: Adding Individual Students

  1. Click + New Student to add students individually.

  2. Create a username for the student. The password for this student username will automatically be set as your teacher account username.

Method 2: Invite Students Using a Sign-up Link

  1. Click the Student Sign-Up Link button to generate a link which will allow your students to join the class you’ve just created.

  2. Share this link with your students.

  3. Once students access the link, they will be prompted to create their own username and password. We recommend using a document like this to record usernames and passwords.

Method 3: Add Students Using a CSV Upload

  1. Using the template provided, create a username and password for each of your students. Download the template here: CSV Template

  2. Once you’ve created usernames and passwords for each student, click CSV Upload> Choose File, to upload your file. Your student accounts will appear under the Students tab for the class

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