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Note: Student devices must be able to download and install the Unity platform for this course--this will not work on Chromebooks. View all system requirements for Unity here: Unity Requirements Documentation

Course Overview

These courses combine the previously released Semester One and Semester Two Unity courses into an updated full-year course.

The Game Design in Unity course teaches the fundamentals of designing a game using the most widely accessed and preferred editing engine in the world. The intent of this course is to prepare high school students with the industry related skills needed for the workplace and higher learning environments.

By the end of this course, they will understand the design planning process, be knowledgeable of industry related careers, and be able to navigate the Unity environment in order to create 3D games.

What's Covered in Game Design in Unity

Game Design in Unity (Baily) Course Overview

Game Design in Unity (Lawson) Course Overview

Learning Environment

Students will access lessons through the CodeHS platform and perform activities directly within the Unity game engine. Students and instructors will need to sign up for and download the Unity game engine in order to complete this course. Steps to do so are included within this course.


Game Design in Unity is designed for high school students with a basic level of technical proficiency or exposure to digital design. Students do not need a background in programming

Hardware Requirements & Installation

Student devices must be able to download and install the Unity platform, available here: Download Unity from Directions for installing Unity are covered in the course.

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