For Students: Using the CodeHS Sandbox

Learn how to create and share programs using the Sandbox IDE

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The CodeHS Sandbox is a place where you can write programs outside of the bounds of an exercise. In the Sandbox, you can start a program from scratch in any of our programming languages and create anything that you can imagine.

Creating Programs in the Sandbox

  • Go to or click on the Sandbox link in the top left corner of any page. Make sure you are logged in so that you can save the program to your account.

  • Name your program and then click Create Program

  • Select any one of the programming languages from the CodeHS curriculum, or additional languages such as Elm, SQL, C, and C++.

You can also create and edit your very own website, that is hosted by CodeHS, by clicking on Edit Homepage. You can access and share your personalized web page by going to your username followed by

Creating a Sandbox Program from a .zip file

You can also upload a multi-file program from a .zip file, which will unzip and import all files into a new program:

Managing Programs

You can create folders to help organize your programs. To create folders, click the blue plus sign, enter a name for your new folder, and click Add Folder

You can easily organize, rename, and delete programs. Click on the '...' to the far right in the program list to modify a program:

Options Include:

  • Rename: Rename the Sandbox Program

  • Copy: Make a duplicate of the program inside your own Sandbox

  • Move to Folder: Move program into one of your folders

  • Share: Create a share link for program

  • Delete

To recover deleted programs, visit your Account Settings, open the Code History tab, and choose Sandbox Trash.

Sharing Programs

Sharing and Embedding Sandbox Programs

There are many ways to share a Sandbox program, including sharing a link and embedding it in another webpage. Click Share to get a URL to share with others and choose to show or hide your code.

Forking Sandbox Programs

Forking is the ability to copy a program to your own sandbox, essentially taking a snapshot of it and making it your own. When viewing a shared Sandbox, click the fork button to create a separate copy of the program.

Collaborate on Programs With Others

With Collaboration, you and your classmates can use the CodeHS IDE to work together on the same coding activity live and in real time!

Gif showing multiple students editing a Sandbox program together

To start a real-time collaboration session:

  1. Go to the Sandbox program you'd like to collaborate on

  2. Open the Collaborate tab in the left navigation panel

  3. Enable Collaboration

  4. Share the link that is generated with your peers. Anyone with collaboration access will be able to make changes to the program until their access is disabled.

  5. Remember to save as you work!

See For Students: Real Time Collaboration to learn more about collaborating on CodeHS!

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